Saturday, October 22, 2011

day 3 hospital

woke up very out of it. i keep thinkin i can  work..then i remember im on tons of pain and nausea meds. im so tired. i w as up and down all night, funny dreams, upset stomach,i barely made it a few times. the drugs make it hard to feelin ok right now.but im really drugged up.

moms been with me a lot. i like that alot.
i got lots of flowers.theyre beautiful. thanks to all their senders!


Friday, October 21, 2011

rough week

i had a really rough week. tuesday night i spent the entire night throwing  up and with ongoing fevers and chills. i woke up unable to swallow. everything was burning.

i went to a regular followup appoint with my gi dr thursday and he sent me straight to the hospital to be admitted to receive tpn..where im fed through an iv. im also receiving iv steroids and pain and nausea meds. there might also be ablood transfusion to help build that back up.

the dr let me eat low residue solid food today..just a little so we will like to keep giving it arest and not overdo  it. im not going back to work. i have an advocate doing my medicaid and disability claims so thats a relief in a way.

they just gave me the nausea meds they give chemo patientsn its makin me a little sleepy.

another note im going to chicago dec 19 to 21 to northwestern to evaluate me for a stem cell transplant

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

For Starters

I am creating this blog to help keep my family and friends updated on my health. I think of all of you daily, I just unfortunately haven't had the energy to call everyone lately. I know all of you understand and I appreciate that :)

Lately, it's been tough. For the last year and a half I've battled the pain, the bleeding, the fatigue, the diarrhea, the fevers, etc. alone. God brought me back to the upstate for a reason. He brought me close to family and friends for a reason. I need help. That has been very difficult for me to accept. I hate the thought that I might actually be too sick to do it all myself. I'm now experiencing daily nausea and vomitting, i don't know if it's the medicines (that don't work) or the Crohn's...probably both. The pain has gotten so bad that there are days I can't stand or walk. The pain gets so bad I vomit everyday, regardless of the nausea. I'm tired. I'm still working full time but I leave early alot. That makes me feel guilty and that scares me. It scares me that I think this is normal and that I should feel guilty for leaving work because I'm throwing up in a trashcan behind the register. Is that what I have to look forward to forever? I'm getting very frustrated. Reality just set in last week that I'm actually SICK. I want my life back.

I'm waiting to hear back from Northwestern Memorial about a stem cell transplant now. I've heard amazing things about the results. If they don't think I'm a candidate, then I'll need to see a surgeon. Surgery will be unavoidable at that point. I should know something any day now.

My Aunt Charlotte and Uncle Jeff have been taking care of me. They are an absolute blessing. Without them, there would be A LOT more suffering..thanks guys :)